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Latest Blog Postings

  • "It's not joy that makes us grateful, it's gratitude that makes us joyful".

    Brene Brown

    I've just gone through some very turbulent times, a life-changing accident for one I love (and it was my fault), my husband had a heart-attack, and the death of one of "children" (granted, an animal "child" - but I helped her into the world, and for me, she was like a child), the passing of a very old friend's wife ... just one of these heart-wrenching events would have been enough, but they all arrived in my life at pretty much the same time.

    It was 10 days of grief, grieving, fear, and endless, endless love that felt like it had no where to go.

    What kept me sane was reminding myself that I have a lot that I can be grateful for, and so I spent many sleepless hours "counting my blessing" during this time.

    The month of October was scheduled to be all about "Gratitude" here in I4I and I had a lot of things planned: events were to be scheduled in the calendar, trainings that teach or enhance existing tools to foster a feeling of gratitude, and much content that was worthy of being shared... it didn't get done.

    But that is ok, too. Because Gratitude is also valuable even if it comes masqueraded as brief sigh of relief in a "moment in time". In those moments when someone you work with takes over for you and keeps the ball rolling so that nothing worse happens. Or when someone who tends to use you as their dumping ground for their emotional problems, stays away for a while and leaves you to fight your own demons for a bit...

    I am grateful for the learnings that this period of grief is opening up for me. It ain't easy, but by recognizing that with gratitude for the situation as it is, I am opening myself up and to be broken means there are more cracks for light to come in.

    If there is only one thing I would share with you that is worthy of saying (and defining what is worthy is another thing I am evaluating these days) is this: Stay aware for what you can be grateful for. Let it be known that I am speaking from experience.


  • "Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have."
    - Brian Tracy

    Are you playing small with the life that you really want? Are you happy with that? Is that working for you? Or are you thinking that something needs to change - in your life and your business?

    Being a coach, I tend to think like a coach - meaning, if someone came to me stating they had a desire to "increase confidence" , I would first start off by asking questions. Yet the question I would NOT ask them under any circumstances, is: "why?" .
    This is where the issue lies - because as humans, most of us tend to think we need to understand the "why" (in other words: a reason for whatever the change is to be - preferably a rational one at that). But guess what: we don't need a reason to want to be more confident, that is something that we can want (better said, strive for), just for the sake of it.

    How would your life change if you had more confidence?

    Self-confidence is not a given in any, nor in all, situations. Self-confidence is a muscle - we have to train it to make it strong. The more we use it, the more weight we can lift with it. The more we overcome resistance, the stronger this muscle gets.

    So you want to be more self-confident? First step: stop the self-sabotaging self-talk. Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend, to your dog or cat or parakeet: for the most of us, that is lovingly and encouraging! 

    It is okay to not be confident in every situation, especially new situations. But the next time you're in such a situation - wooah ... you have experience! And the more first times you have in something, the more you can say you have practice getting yourself into first time situations ... the more you live through these first time situations (and you will - we all do), the more you will be confident that you can master the next first-time-situation. See: it is a practice - not a finished product.

    Comfort zones are comfy, but when you know that getting out of your comfort zone is going to be the game changer for your self-confidence, you can do that again .... and again .... and again ...! Before you know it, you have so many first-time-situations that you have mastered -and thereby expanded your comfort zone to be so many zones that you feel comfortable in, that you may even notice that people start asking you HOW you got to be so self-confident!! 


  • It is kind of nice, when we get that soft and fuzzy feeling, because we feel like we are doing pretty good and getting on with whatever it is we want to get on with: be that something that is important for the long term - i.e. our work, our relationships; or the immediate: our dinner plans, our laundry. 
    Just don't get too comfortable with how things are going right now, ok?

    Growth only happens when we are not comfortable! And we will find it easier to do stuff that we need to do - even if it is uncomfortable, if we are held accountable to get it done.

    We have to change things around, move on, transform, do things differently ... and then we find that we are making things comfortable again - albeit at a different level than before; and we can start the process all over again ... sometimes this is flowing - there isn't a clear "old-new-old-new" progression going on ... just a constant flow and moving (which, personally, is what I prefer).

    If you don't believe me, try enjoying a big gooey chocolate bar (or an ice cream sundae) after dinner, every day - day in and day out - for a while. See! Your jeans will tell you soon enough that you've been wayyyy to comfortable! So now you can either get bigger jeans, or you can stop enjoying the sweets. 

    So to change something, we generally have to learn something new, or unlearn something that we have been doing.

    For me, when it comes to learning something, I have found that I can generally "learn" something new quite quickly ... like I tend grasp the concept, as long as it is something I have encountered at some point in my life before, rather fast. But actually changing my behavior based upon something that I have learned -  and then consistently doing something different now that I have learned something new - well, that is a different story altogether.

    I have a process that I learned once from my favorite coaching instructor, Marshall Goldsmith. It is from his book, "Triggers" and it serves to help keep myself grounded and open for growth and accountability. The process goes like this:

    Ask yourself - on a daily basis: "Did I do my best to ..." and when you answer, don't just say a mere "Yes" or "No" - rather include a number on a scale between 1 and 5 of how you feel you did your best to reach that goal/behavior change/objective.

    Here are some examples:

    Goal: I want to live in a healthy body, and I am responsible for making sure it is healthy. 

    • Did I do my best to stay healthy today? (I had a 3-fruit smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, no snacks, and veggie soup for dinner. I had a 55 minute walk with the dog. Yay! I'm a hero! I give myself "5" Points!)
    • Did I do my best to stay focused on the work I prioritized according to my to-do list? (I got started off ok, by posting my Facebook and LinkedIn updates, but I fell into the rabbit hole of reading other peoples' updates and wasted a full hour... After which I had to go to a meeting and I had forgotten to prepare what I needed for that ... uh oh.  I only give myself a "2" on this point today).
    • Did I do my best to be a good partner? (I listened to all the boring details about the latest football scores and player transfers without yawning and putting thoughtful "uh huh" and "oh-really" remarks in at different times. I am a hero! Granted, this isn't all that important, so I only give myself a "3,5" for this).

    Anyway ... I think you get the idea. 

    I am genuinely curious: how do you approach getting out of your comfort zone and growth? How do you hold yourself accountable to do what you say you are going to do?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you’re wasting your breath, trying to tell people what to do, what they should be doing, or giving them tips on how they could get better results? Are you trying to sell an idea and they just don’t get it?

    Then stop “telling” and start “asking”.
    Can you come up with good questions? One that get the other person thinking about what you want them to think about? Can you at least come up with a question that will open them up to thinking about what you want them to think about?

    Motivating someone is about helping them to come up with the reason why such-and-such is a good idea - for themselves! 
    Here are a couple of guidelines for how to ask “good” questions:
    • Ask friendly, clarifying questions.
    • The questions should be fair. You don't set traps.
    • Ask open-ended questions.
    (Open-ended questions are the ones that can’t be answered with just a “Yes” or a “No", or other one word answer, like "How many eggs are in that basket?")
    • Ask “active” questions. Active questions require the person the take responsibility for their answer.
    (“Passive” questions means somebody else, or the environment, is responsible for the answer and "that other thing" will part of how the question is answered.)
    • Be grateful and aware that the person may not have an answer for you just yet.
    • Avoid causing the other person stress. 
    • Avoid asking rhetorical questions – unless you want to enter into a philosophical discussion.
    • Avoid being too direct. This can come across as being aggressive.
    • Listen for the answer (silence is golden!).
    Daniel Pink, a management expert and the author of five best-selling books, (my favorite is “Drive. The surprising truth of what motivates us”) said in an interview with Big Think:
    “The key here is that we tend to think that persuasion or motivation is something that one person does to another, what the social science tells us very clearly is that it’s really something that people do for themselves. And your job as a persuader, as a motivator, is to reset the context and surface people’s own reasons for doing something. Because it works a lot better.”
    The moral of this story is: "You are responsible for motivating yourself!"

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    Your body speaks, and you influence how your body speaks. You can also learn to read the body language of others. As an experienced photographer, professional mime, psychotherapist and counselling supervisor, Jean-Marie has seen the body speak. When you work with JB, you are learning from the best. Subscription to this Club is USD 1,20 (€uro 1,00) for the first month, and USD 19,90 (€uro 16,90) for every month thereafter. You can cancel at any time and are only charged for the current month. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/bottequinjeanmarie Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Marie_Bottequin

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    The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It's got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet. (Reverend Theodore Hesburgh, President Emeritus University of Notre Dame)

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    This Club was formerly titled "Over:View", but I changed it to "Mind:Style" because that is what we are doing here: we are styling our minds. When we style our minds, we are making conscious decisions about what we allow into our mindsets and how we show up in the world. If you already have a Community Club, or are thinking about starting one, as a coach or trainer here on Influence-4-Impact.com you are breaking new ground, as we are combining various attraction-marketing, customer service and retention activities into a membership and subscription business model here.  This Club is the go-to-channel for Professional Associates here on I4I, where tips, tricks, ideas, inspiration and tools are shared and discussed on how to make the most out of your Influence-4-Impact.com subscription-based Client Membership Club. The subscription price is USD 15,- /month for as long as you are a member. We will be utilizing the tools here, that you can use to build up and promote your own Community Club. This is a "no fluff, no blah-blah, no BS" zone.

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